5 habits that harm women’s intimate health

5 habits that harm women’s intimate health

Many day-day habits that appear to be harmless can detract from women’s intimate health. In the list of these habits we can include the use of inappropriate panties, glued jeans, of internal absorbents, among others.

And with the arrival of intense heat, these habits can end your intimate health, which can cause infections and vaginitis. So to avoid problems, it is very important to pay attention to these simple habits that can cause a lot of problems and discomforts.

But before you know why it is so important to pay attention to these details, you need to know why these problems can affect your health. Bacteria and fungi present in the normal flora of the woman’s intimate region that are healthy may suffer consequences when PH changes occur and may cause infections. And these infections that seem harmless can even cause infertility if left untreated.

So if you have a different amount of discharge that is whitish, yellowish or greenish, or even itchy and stinky, do not wait too long to find a gynecologist. After all, you may have an infection in the intima, even if it is mild.

Also, another way to avoid the problem is to change the habits that undermine the female intimate health.

1. Wear tight jeans
It may sound like bullshit, but wearing tight jeans on the body can cause vaginal infection. This is because the pants suffocate the whole region, which is already composed of a large bacterial flora and fungus, which needs to remain stable.

Therefore, when the intimate region becomes muffled, it favors the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that alter the site Ph, causing infections.

2. Wash panties incorrectly
Believe me, the way you wash and dry your panties can interfere with your intimate health. Therefore, to avoid problems, they should not be washed in the stall, since this environment is muffled and contributes to the emergence of microorganisms.

In addition, it is important to use specific products to sanitize the panties or coconut soap that is more natural and avoid allergies.

3. Plastic briefs
Among the habits that harm female intimate health, it is worth mentioning the use of synthetic panties. They draw a lot of attention from women for beauty, comfort, and often for sensuality.
However, these synthetic fabrics can cause irritations, which can take away the region’s defense barrier. Therefore, to avoid the problem, prefer to wear cotton panties and even sleep without panties.

4. Daily Absorbents
Many women have a habit of using daily absorbents to keep the area clean. However, its frequent use is not recommended by gynecologists, as they contribute to the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

This is because the daily absorbents leave the intimate region muffled, contributing to the appearance of fungi. Therefore, they should only be used during menstruation.

5. Incorrect hygiene
Among the habits that harm women’s health, incorrect hygiene also deserves special attention. This is because this habit can cause serious problems, including urinary tract infection.

Therefore, the ideal is to clean the region always from front to back, so that bacteria in the intestinal tract do not invade the urine channel.

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