Home remedy to fight fungus and itching in the intimate parts

Home remedy to fight fungus and itching in the intimate parts
If there is something that can be extremely uncomfortable for women it is having fungal proliferation and other factors that cause itching intimately.

For those who do not want to go through this kind of inconvenience, we will present a home remedy to combat fungus and itching in the intimate parts. Leave this type of situation in the past with an easy tea to prepare in your home.

The main cause of itching in the female intima is candidiasis, a disease caused by the proliferation of fungi of the candida albicans type.

Generally, women have these fungi and bacteria coexisting in the vaginal flora.

When there is an imbalance in the organism these fungi proliferate and give rise to the symptoms of this disease, which in addition to itching, is also characterized by the appearance of a whitish discharge.

Oregano is a great ally for anyone who is suffering from itching caused by fungi such as that of candidiasis or due to other situations.

This recipe consists of preparing an oregano tea to use in a toilet seat in order to stop the proliferation of fungi. It is a simple option to make at home and it can be of great effectiveness.

How to prepare oregano tea
Put a little oregano in a 250ml boiled water container, cover and let muffle.

Let it rest while warm, followed by tea.

The still warm liquid should be placed in a clean bowl.

Washing the intimate region
As we explained at the beginning this tea should be used for a shower in the intimate region with the purpose of ridding the area of fungus and other itchers.

The temperature of the water should be warm but bearable for the skin, be careful not to burn.

It is important that the sitz bath is not cold for effectiveness in getting rid of itching and fungus.

Wash the genital area by making movements that are quick, but taking care not to get hurt.

Keep washing the intimate area until the tea is cold, after finishing the process lightly wipe a towel to remove the excess, but without wringing the tea.

Take that bath seat at night before bed.

It is essential to sleep without panties so that the tea can continue to work without being muffled.

Repeat this wash for a week, every day.

Bonus Tip
For those who are experiencing a seizure crisis or another illness that causes itching in the intimate region, it is interesting in addition to the shower bath to take oregano tea every night.

The drinking tea is made with a different dosage, the proportion of oregano is one tablespoon for each half liter.

It is also necessary to stifle and wait until it is warm to strain and in this case to drink.

Clove of India
One possible substitute for both washing and tea is clove.

The method of preparation is the same.

You can still make the extract of the clove, so it is necessary to put 300 grams of it in half a liter of alcohol.

Please note that this recipe takes a little longer since you need to qualify for at least three months.

To know that the extract is good, wait until it turns brown.

Apply where itches (can be used on other parts of the body beyond the intima) and allow to dry.

Tips for avoiding fungus and itching in the intimate region
In addition to knowing how to combat fungus and itching in the intimate parts, it is essential for women to know how to prevent such embarrassing problems.

Following a few simple tips in your day to day life can solve the issue.

Do not wear wet underwear
When you go to the beach or swimming pool avoid staying too long with the wet bikini because humidity favors the proliferation of fungi.

Do not wear tight clothing
Pants that are too tight also contribute to the proliferation of fungi once they leave the region well warmed.

Sleep without panties.
The intimate region needs to breathe, so when you go to sleep it is interesting not to wear underwear.

Synthetic parts
At the time of buying your panties prefer those that have natural fabrics such as cotton, because synthetics overheat the region of the body.

Neutral toilet paper
Neutral toilet paper is best for getting in touch with your intimate region.

Intimate soap
For the intimate region, the most suitable is to choose the specific soap for that region.

With this hint of how to fight fungus and itching in the intimate parts, we are sure that you will have much more pleasant moments.

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