11 first symptoms of pregnancy

11 first symptoms of pregnancy
The first symptoms of a pregnancy a woman never forgets is not true? It is very important for the woman and the baby that this diagnosis is made as soon as possible so that future mothers can take some measures that will be beneficial to the fetus.

The most reliable method of being sure of pregnancy is the urine test, or blood test is better known as BETA HCG (this is a hormone that when raised is detected gestation).

Usually, the first signs and symptoms of pregnancy appear in the third week of gestation, but it is also possible for women to experience symptoms before the delay of menstruation.

The first symptoms of a pregnancy a woman never forgets
Symptoms of pregnancy
Delayed menstruation
Breast pain
Darkened area
Change of mood
Appearance of blackheads and pimples
Swelling in the abdomen
Morning Nausea and Nausea
Intestinal constipation

1. Late menstruation
When there is a delay in menstruation, the first thing that comes to the head is pregnancy, because this is one of the first symptoms to be discovered.

However, there are women who have to bleed and thus feel that they are not pregnant and leave there, endangering the baby’s life.

But things are not quite so, about 80% of women have this bleeding which can also be a symptom, not being a bleeding like menstruation, but small breeds with a darker color like “coffee grounds”.

2. Breast pain
Sensitive and sore breasts may be one of the symptoms of pregnancy. It is common for a woman to have her breasts more sensitive, but in this period it is different, and the woman quickly notices this difference.

Sensitive and painful breasts occur because the body is already preparing for breastfeeding.

3. Colic
The vast majority of women experience cramps early in pregnancy because changes are occurring in their body, the blood flow in that region is increased to protect the embryo. It is a colic very similar to menstrual cramps.

4. Darkened areola
The blood flow in the breast area is increased, as before because the glands are already preparing for breastfeeding, the areolae darken because of the elevation of the hormones in that period.

5. Change of mood
The woman becomes very sensitive in the first weeks of gestation, so she can be moved by everything (yes, she can cry for everything!), But there are also those who are very aggressive with very similar symptoms when they are in the PMS.

6. Drowsiness
Because of the amount of circulating hormones in the body of a pregnant woman, considerable drowsiness may occur.

7. Tiredness
The blood in the first weeks of gestation becomes more fluid and less viscous, causing fatigue.

Tiredness can also arise from hormonal issues. When the woman gets pregnant, her hormones are all altered causing various symptoms, one of them is tiredness.

Although some women experience drowsiness, others are unable to sleep properly, this is one of the attributes of excessive tiredness.

8. The appearance of blackheads and pimples:
With this hormonal alteration, it is also noticed that the face becomes more oily, being able to cause blackheads and pimples.

9. Swelling in the abdomen
The swelling happens because of pelvic changes that occur early in pregnancy. But this only happens with some women, for many, goes unnoticed.

10. Morning sickness and nausea
70% of pregnant women feel this morning sickness, this is due to the increase of the hormone BETA HCG in the body.

Experts say that the higher the hormone BETA HCG in the body the more nausea and nausea the woman will feel.

11. Intestinal constipation
The expansion of the uterus causes it to affect the intestinal contraction and therein impairs the functioning of the intestine and with this will occur constipation.

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