7 Symptoms You Have Thyroid Problems That Can not Be Ignored

7 Symptoms You Have Thyroid Problems That Can not Be Ignored

1. Unexplained weight change
The amount of hormones your secret thyroid has has an impact on your weight. The presence of a lower hormone level, compared to what is considered normal, means that your thyroid is working more slowly, which results in weight gain; This condition is known as hypothyroidism. Already the hyperthyroidism, is when your thyroid works too much, resulting in a loss of weight.

Do not forget that for these weight changes to be considered a symptom of these diseases, they must inexplicably occur, that is, without being related to a change in your diet or level of physical activity.

2. Changes in heart rate
Because the thyroid affects most of your organs, your heart is what else can feel the change. Depending on how your thyroid is affected, your heart rate may be faster or slower than normal. The parameters of beats per minute considered healthy are between 60 and 100, depending on your weight, height, age and any other physical conditions you present.

3. Mood changes and energy levels
Thyroid disorders can tremendously affect your energy level and hence your mood. People who suffer from hypothyroidism tend to feel more tired, are more prone to depression and are slower overall. Already people who suffer from hyperthyroidism suffer from anxiety, high levels of stress, problems sleeping and increased irritability.

4. Hair Loss
Hair loss is a symptom shared by both those suffering from hyperthyroidism as well as those suffering from hypothyroidism.

5. Swelling in the neck
The inflammation that occurs in the neck is probably the most obvious symptom that there is something wrong with the thyroid. This symptom should be treated with special care, since inflammation in this area may also mean the presence of nodules or cancer.

6. Other general symptoms of hypothyroidism
Dry or scaly skin, brittle nails and hair, irregular menstrual periods and constipation.

7. Other general symptoms of hyperthyroidism
Muscle weakness, shaky hands, diarrhea, irregular menstrual periods, and vision problems.

Thyroid diseases can also impact your sexuality, fertility, and overall happiness due to sudden mood swings. Keep in mind that some of the symptoms may be a sign of other diseases, so it is extremely important that you consult your doctor to determine if you need a blood test and review to determine if your thyroid is working normally.

In most cases, these conditions can be treated, leading you to live a normal life again. In the case of cancer, a large percentage of patients respond favorably to treatment, except in some very aggressive cases.

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