5 foods that can harm your teeth

5 foods that can harm your teeth
The teeth are responsible not only for a beautiful smile, but also for chewing, which is the beginning of the digestion process.

Keeping your teeth healthy is just as important as keeping the rest of your body functioning properly. Proper brushing, flossing, mouth washing, and orthodontic appliances, when recommended, are an important part of teething care.

Despite all these preventive care some foods that are part of our daily life can harm our oral health and end a beautiful smile.

If you have a habit of consuming them stay more careful and careful the next few times.

1. Sugar
A candy in the middle of the afternoon or after meals is a common habit of many people. However, these foods as desired as chocolates, candies, candies, chewing gum, among others can, if they remain in contact with the mouth, damage the enamel of the teeth since they contribute to the development of cavities-causing bacteria.

2. Soda
In the same line of sugars, soft drinks containing sugar in their composition are harmful to the health of our mouth, and the dark coloration of some of them may, over the years, contribute to the darkening of teeth.

3. Coffee
Another drink that is present in the daily lives of many people can collaborate so that their teeth become dark and with a horrible appearance.

4. Acidic fruits
Although delicious some acid fruits, among them lemon, orange, carambola for example, contribute to the wear of the enamel of the teeth provoking a kind of erosion, very conducive to the bacteria causing cavities.

5. Carbohydrates
There are many carbohydrate foods that are part of our daily menu, among them rice, potatoes and breads. Most of them are easy to chew and tend to stick more easily to our teeth. If not eliminated in time they can contribute to the appearance of the fearful bacteria causing cavities.

For all this brushing care is very important. Hygienizing your teeth upon waking, after meals or food intake, and before bedtime are imperative for the teeth to remain healthy for many years.

A regular visit to the dentist is also extremely indicated for the deeper cleaning and removal of tartar, which in addition to impairing oral health causes bad breath and problems with the gums.

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