7 habits that cause headaches during the day

7 habits that cause headaches during the day
Headaches are common anywhere in the world. Sometimes weaker, sometimes stronger. The most popularly mentioned headaches are those caused by muscular tension, which is due to some bad posture, is lighter and more constant; And migraine that is lateralized, pulsatile and strong, can cause nausea; Many people become intolerant of light and noise.

If the headache is chronic, it should be followed up and treated by a specialist in neurology. However, because it is a recurring disease, where many people complain in our daily lives, we soon think of self-medication and that everything is right. I mislead ours.

To have a good quality of life it is necessary that the body is in homeostasis, and if something is not going well and is bothering, it is good to be investigated.

Here are some reasons that may be causing you headaches, are often not complex problems like genetic determinations or neurological problems. We need to see the context we are in, what we are eating, how we stand. And so, here are 7 habits that if you have, you need to change, not to harm yourself even more.

1. Computer

This aspect encompasses two aspects: Vision and bad posture. That may or may not be related to the use of computers. However, as the day-to-day life of most people today is in front of the computer, whether to work or study, we can take into consideration that the habit of not resting eyes and getting poorly positioned, whether in the form of sitting, typing or Use the mouse, ends up tensing the muscles, which causes the migraine or headache.

2. Hours of sleep
Do you know that story that a woman needs more hours of sleep than a man and that sleep is cumulative? Yes, it is not myth. Of course, each organism according to the context that is inserted becomes accustomed to “x” hours of sleep. However, if for some reason you sleep less than you are accustomed, this can also bring you good dark circles and a good headache. And for this, you can take the best muscle relaxant you want. Only a good night’s sleep will help you.

3. Sweets
Contrary to what we feel at the time we eat, sweets may even bring us that sense of pleasure and satisfaction, but make no mistake, this is momentary. Cocoa contains substances that prevent muscle relaxation, which can lead to episodes of migraine or headache.

4. Chronic diseases not accompanied by a doctor
Illnesses such as sinusitis, migraine caused by food or allergies should be aligned with a doctor who undergoes adequate treatment, since they are recurrent and are only discovered with laboratory tests. Any other type of medicine indicated by a friend or pharmacist may only mask the problem, which may lead to future problems.

5. Caffeine and alcoholic beverages

Caffeine, as well as alcoholic beverages, has a little known dehydrating effect. People who consume coffee in too much to help the body with its stimulating effect, after a long night of drinking, need to know that the dehydrating effect is also linked to headache. You will then only be “covering the sun with the sieve”. Although abstinence also causes migraines, the ideal is to detoxify and stop gradually, because eliminating them can cause severe pain.

6. Do not eat properly or skip meals
MTC says that if the headache is “throbbing” near the temples, it is attached to the stomach (because this medicine studies the meridians, and these pass through the body, and consequently everything is connected). That is, if you have been feeding yourself erroneously or you have not eaten for a long time, your head will begin to give the signal. Often, with so many chores to do, we “cheat” the stomach with a wafer here, a bullet there, a juice here, a tea there. However, if your body is not satisfied, or does not have the necessary nutrients, it will emit signals. And in this case, it will be the headaches.

7. Absorb problems
Although we know that we should not absorb the bad things that happen, often, unintentionally, that problem is present in our thoughts while we cook, we clean the house, we go to work, etc. Being stressed and absorbing problems also causes severe headaches. Tip: If you are stressed, do not turn on the radio. You will most likely listen to tragedies, traffic fights, corrupt politicians being loosed, in fact, you do not need more trouble, right? Put your favorite CD, pen drive, or whatever works best. Go singing to work. Just do not go in silence. Do not think. Drive, sing, hear nothing but music. Cheer up your day early, instead of absorbing more guilt and trouble.

Many of our pains can be avoided. Physical exercises such as pilates, yoga, running in the park and many others relieve stress and produce hormones such as endorphin, serotonin and many others that help with feelings of well-being. Try it. Your headaches will improve, I assure you!

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