5 everyday things you do without knowing that you are putting an end to your health

5 everyday things you do without knowing that you are putting an end to your health
Sometimes, because of ignorance or even without realizing it, we do some things that harm health. Stay alert to these harmful habits.

1. Drink coffee
Drinking coffee is harmful to the stomach and causes cellulite. Drinking a cup of coffee in fasting stimulates the release of hydrochloric acid in the digestive system. For those who have stomach problems like gastritis, for example, the result is fast.

Caffeine acts in the breaking of fats and facilitates the fight against cellulite, but only when used on the skin. Coffee inside causes cellulite, coffee outside takes out cellulite, he emphasizes.

2. Leave the toothbrush in the sink
The brush that sits in the sink is exposed to millions of microbes that are scattered throughout the toilet each flush of the toilet without the lid lowered. So if you leave your exposed, it’s like brushing your teeth with poop … It is adviced to dry the brush after use, spray antiseptic buccal on the bristles and store it vertically in a Container inside the cabinet.

3. Wash the meat before cooking
It is, according to experts in infectology, a dangerous habit , because it only makes to spread the bacteria that are in the meat by the kitchen sink. In addition, if the wash water is not of good origin it may even increase the amount of bacteria.

Cooking is enough to kill the bacteria. In addition, wetting the meat can remove some of its nutrients. Do not wash or vinegar or lemon. It will only sour the microbes.

4. Eat quickly
According to a gastrointestinal surgeon, the way you eat is decisive for the digestive process. If feeding is done wrongly, it will impact health. So the doctor’s advice is:

Eat Slowly: Tasting food and chewing well, the person feels more satisfied in less time. Rest the cutlery from one mouthful to another.

Cut the food into small pieces: Fill the mouth, creates the need to drink some liquid to “push”. Liquids at meals is good, but without excess and without sugar.

Chewing well: When food is well chewed, in addition to facilitating digestion, it also favors the absorption of nutrients that may be important for health

Not talking excessively: Staying talking while eating causes the person to swallow air and consequently increase the intestinal gases – flatulence.

5. Sleeping with lots of blankets
The quality of sleep can be hampered by overheating even if you have an air conditioner in the room. Using too many blankets does not allow the body to lower the temperature to make us sleepy. This can have unwanted effects on your immunity and overall health.

A good night’s sleep is essential for the metabolism of free radicals and the recomposition of cardiorespiratory functions, increase organic resistance, avoid diseases such as depression and obesity, because poor sleep, disorganizes the metabolism and impairs the synthesis of some hormones, favoring several diseases like obesity and depression.

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