4 Foods That Are Good For Children’s Development

4 Foods That Are Good For Children’s Development
Sometimes parents get so much information about their children’s food that they are left in doubt about what works well for the child.

1. Eggs
There is a fear that the child may be allergic to egg protein, but if there is no family history of this allergy, this food can already be introduced into the baby’s menu as of the sixth month.

Egg is a great source of protein, has high nutritional efficiency and, best, has low cost. It is important to always offer this food cooked, never raw.

Being a protein, the egg helps to vary the menu and can sometimes replace animal protein (meat).

2. Canned tuna
From one year, the child can gradually experiment with tuna and other seafood, always looking for any allergic reaction. Offering tuna is better than inlays that are full of sodium and fat. Always look for the version of the tuna conserved in water.

3. Frozen Vegetables
With the rush of day to day lacking time to cook all the food in every meal for the little ones. So if it is to resort to frozen, let the vegetables be, as they will conserve their nutrients and fibers, only losing a little vitamin C. With them, you can make a soup or offer with pasta or rice.

4. Popcorn
Do not feel so guilty if in the middle of the afternoon offer popcorn for your child to eat! Popcorn corn is rich in fiber and antioxidant substances. Avoid those packets that are just put in the microwave. Buy corn and make your version in the pot or microwave with water, as shown in the video below. You just can not overdo the salt!

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