3 types of back pain that are common in pregnancy

3 types of back pain that are common in pregnancy

1. Lumbar
Pain located in the lower back and that usually radiates to the legs and back muscles. Among these the main one is the Lordose – excessive curving of the spinal column inward, which causes the butt to appear upright. It is caused by the extra weight gained that causes the woman to lean back to compensate for abdominal volume. This position can cause the vertebrae to stall causing pain.

2. Sacroiliac
This pain affects the articulation between the end of the column (sacrum) and the basin. It radiates to the glutes and the back of the thighs. In case of pain the pregnant woman should rest so as not to harm the region any more. In many cases it does not cease after childbirth, and continues for some time.

3. Night pain
Pregnant women who suffer from back pain may only present them at night when they lie down. It is due to muscle fatigue that builds up throughout the day. And as at night, some organs rest, there is more blood circulating in areas that are possibly inflamed, according to Martins.

What to do?3-types-of-back-pain-that-are-common-in-pregnancy
If you are pregnant (or not) but suffer from back pain, there are exercises that can help.

Support the column
To improve lordosis, lie on a straight surface (if it is in bed, the mattress should be firm). Lie on your back, folding your legs and arms at your sides. Lying thus accommodates the bones of the spine in place and relieves the pain.

Still in the previous position, raise one leg at a time and pull – with your hands on the back of the thigh toward the chest without forcing too much. Stand in that position for a minute and breathe in seeking to relax.

Use a cushion
Put it between your legs, at the knees when you lie down on your side. If sleeping on your belly up, place it under your knees.

Hot shower

Direct a stream of hot water towards the affected part or make compresses with a hot water bottle.

Avoid High Heels
Wear comfortable shoes, such as leather, that do not have a thin beak and that heels are up to 3 cm.


There are anti-inflammatories that help well, but as in pregnancy one should be very careful about what one uses – especially medications, see your doctor before using any remedy for pain.

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