7 Tips to Soothe and Get Rid of Bad Breath

7 Tips to Soothe and Get Rid of Bad Breath

1. Drink water
Water helps a lot to relieve bad breath. Dry mouth causes bad smell, so we wake up with that nasty smell in the morning.

2. Escape coffee and cigarette
Coffee usually creates a film on the tongue preventing oxygenation and of course, where there is no oxygenation, the bacteria proliferate. Prefer milk, juice or fruit vitamin. The cigarette has vasoconstricting action and decreases the blood supply to the gums and consequently decreases the defenses against the bacteria that proliferate and cause periodontics. As for the breath of the cigarette, it does not need further explanation.

3. Brush teeth well

Not that brushing for 60 seconds. That’s just passing toothpaste to your teeth. My dentist says you should sit and brush your teeth. At least 15 minutes before bed . In the morning and after meals, at least 3 minutes of brushing, without paste. Leave the toothpaste to give that fragrant in the end.

4. Brush the tongue
The tongue is filled with cavities that accumulate leftover food. Use a scraper or a soft brush with toothpaste. Rub gently. Flavonoid is one of the main reasons for bad breath. It is caused by poor hygiene and bad habits like smoking and drinking coffee.

5. Floss

No brushing is complete without flossing. The wire should not just come in and out through your teeth. It should “hug” the tooth sinking into the gums without forcing and without hurting and being pulled out removing the impurities. Repeat on each side of the tooth. This prevents the buildup of tartar.

6. Eat well
In addition to helping the stomach to function better and promote health as a whole, some foods help clean teeth like apple, pear, carrot.

7. Always have a sugar-free spray or chewing gum in the bag

At the end of the day or at the beginning, it is a good way to have a fresh breath. When you have a romantic date it helps too. By the way, avoid garlic, onions, fish and other strong-smelling foods before the encounter. If you have already eaten them, calm down, a glass of milk helps a lot.

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