10 Signs That Your Husband May Have Cancer

10 Signs That Your Husband May Have Cancer
Preventive health care is very important to preserve well-being, but even knowing this, many men do not like it and avoid going to the doctor for preventive tests.

Whether it is because they do not like to expose themselves or are afraid to find a disease, most men need the encouragement of their wives so they can take care of themselves regularly.

Among the many scary diseases, cancer is the main one because it is seen by many as a death sentence, however, there is treatment and cure when initially diagnosed.

If your husband is afraid to take annual screenings, encourage him to do so and also watch for signs that may indicate cancer:

1. Weight Loss
Men are easier to lose weight than women, but when it happens for no apparent reason it is time to get medical help and check if health is in order.

2. Abdominal pain
If there is pain, something is not right, even so, some men believe that a shower or just an analgesic is enough and everything will be fine. Abdominal pain needs to be investigated.

3. Persistent cough
A cough that persists for more than three weeks is not common and therefore should be carefully observed by the specialist. The coughs that accompany colds and flu go away along with all the other symptoms, a cough that persists after all the other symptoms go away needs to be investigated.

4. Wounds that do not heal
Check with the specialist if you notice a wound in any part of the body that is not healing.

5. Excessive fatigue
Fatigue is pointed out by experts as one of the early symptoms of some types of cancer, especially if it does not disappear after a long period of rest.

6. Changes in spots on the skin
If you notice the increase in size or difference in color of any pint by the body it is good to investigate to eliminate the possibility of a skin cancer.

7. Blood
If you notice that blood is flowing in the urine, in the stool, when you cough or sneeze, it is time to seek professional help.

8. Difficulties in urinating
There is great prejudice about prostate exams, and for this reason many men have never looked for a urologist, nor do they even imagine that difficulty in urinating may be one of the indicators of prostate cancer.

9. Weight in the stomach
The sensation of constant indigestion at all meals may be the reason why a medical appointment needs to be scheduled.

10. Difficulty in swallowing
One of the indications of a tumor in the esophagus is the difficulty in swallowing, so it is important not to leave this symptom aside and seek medical help.

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