5 Attitudes to Avoid Cavities

5 Attitudes to Avoid Cavities
People in general are aware that brushing their teeth a few times a day is essential for the prevention of caries and other diseases that affect the mouth in general, however, not all have this good habit and this is where oral problems Appear.

Oral health care is very important because our mouth is a gateway to many other diseases, so you need to be always clean and healthy.

1. Brush your teeth
This care is the most basic of all, however important. It is essential to brush your teeth with a good brush (avoid very stiff bristle brushes) as soon as you wake up in the morning, after every meal of the day, and before bedtime too. The remains of food that remain between the teeth proliferate oral diseases and the consequence is pain and often even loss of teeth.

2. Dental thread
That innocent thread is a super-helper when it comes to keeping teeth healthy, it goes where the bristles of the toothbrush does not reach, and reaches the sides of the teeth doing a good cleaning. You do not need to use it every time you brush your teeth, but at least once a day it is recommended to use it. Pass all your teeth up the gum to promote effective cleansing.

3. Mouthwash

It helps to promote even more effective cleaning, however, its use recommendation is limited to once a day to prevent good bacteria living in the mouth are also eliminated.

4. Brush the tongue

Few people have this habit, but it is important to know that the tongue, just like the roof of the mouth, also needs cleaning, tiny remnants of food are also deposited there.

5. Going to the dentist regularly
Visit your dentist at least six months. It will detect possible signs of future caries and do a cleaning with specific products that will help promote even greater care.

Keeping the necessary care day after day you will be taking care of your health and preventing a host of other illnesses that can bring you pain and discomfort at the time of your feeding. If even with all these cares you notice sensitivity to ice cream or hot be sure to visit your specialist, it may indicate special products that will relieve these symptoms.

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