9 terrible things you are eating without knowing

9 terrible things you are eating without knowing
The food industry, like any other capitalist industry – that is, that profits – sees in each human being a consumer and source of profit and not someone to be fed and nourished.

For these and other reasons intelligent food, aiming beyond taste, should be part of the daily life of each family. Plant a vegetable garden, if you can, grow organic foods, eat seasonal fruits (preferably from your own orchard). Use whole foods – although they are more expensive, they have more nutrients.

1. Sugar
An alarming fact: Brazilians drink three times more sugar annually than the rest of the world. Another bad news is that sugar is just as evil as alcohol and cigarettes. Studies point out that sugar raises blood pressure more than salt. These would already be enough reasons to ban the sugar from the diet, but there is more. According to the American Journal of Cardiology sugar is directly responsible for:



Metabolic syndrome

Gastric reflux

Heart diseases


Premature aging



Stroke – Stroke

Low immunity



Caries and Periodontal Disease




2. Processed meats

Bacon, sausage (industrialized), ham, salami and sausage in general are quite hazardous to your health.

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health have found that people who regularly eat 50 grams of processed meat (a hot dog or 2 slices of ham) have a 42 percent increased risk for heart disease, as well as a risk of nearly 20 percent To develop type 2 diabetes than people who do not eat. That’s because processed meats contain much more sodium, 4 times more, and also contain 50 percent more sodium nitrate preservatives.

3. Microwave popcorn
The butter flavor you experience, not butter, is Diacetyl a flavoring used in microwave popcorn.

4. White bread
It’s just refined flour, salt, yeast and chemicals. It has no nutrients. In addition, it has a high glycemic index, that is, it is dangerous for diabetics (increases glucose) and insulin resistance. In non-diabetics makes the pancreas produce more insulin (hyperinsulism) and obesity.

5. Saturated fats
Natural fats (animals, fish, coconuts, avocados) are no problem according to doctors who claim that sugar (carbohydrates) and not fats, is the great villain of health. The problem is bigger when mixing fats and carbohydrates. A survey published recently shows that diets in which saturated fats are removed, but carbohydrates are not, increase the risk of heart attack by 33%.

6. Frying
Everyone loves french fries. The big problem is that when the potato goes through the frying process, it becomes toxic and carries risks such as stroke and an increased risk of certain cancers including breast, esophagus, head and neck cancer, lung, pancreas And prostate.

7. Soft drinks
It’s like drinking liquid bullet. Most soft drinks contain corn syrup (which is where all the calories come from), food colorings, preservatives and other ingredients. In addition to the problems known as caries and obesity, refrigerants are high in sodium, whose malfunctions are widely known. Some soft drinks are associated with mental problems such as memory loss, anxiety and nervous disorders

8. Artificial sweeteners
Some scholars argue that the use of artificial sweeteners has contributed to the worldwide obesity epidemic.

9. Condiments
Most industrialized condiments contain a component considered lethal by some scholars who even say that it is worse to their health than alcohol, nicotine and many other drugs.

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