15 issues for couples trying to get pregnant

15 issues for couples trying to get pregnant
I have listed below 15 subjects that are not usually so much commented but that are extremely important:

1. Medical research needs and should be performed by both

All infertility tests need to be performed by both the woman and the man so both decide they want to have a child. The later the man decides to do this, the worse the chances of women being able to get pregnant due to age.

2. Following the table of fertility is not enough.
Your ovulation may not be the same in all months, especially if you have already started your attempts, stopping taking contraception, your menstrual cycles are varied and you may miss the chance to get the right ovulation, so the tip is to alternate days before and days Then too.

3. There are details and particulars in each woman
Each woman has a differentiated PH in her vagina, and this also influences attempts to have a baby. It may be necessary to use a liquid soap recommended by the doctor, or other care. Find out.

4. Your eggs do not last longer than 24 hours
In the period of ovulation even if we have more eggs than during that period, they survive only about 12 to 24 hours, and the sperm survive for about two to three days.

5. Hormone injections cause unpleasant side effects
There may be a need for women to take injections of hormones better known as FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone), or men take testosterone injections to increase sperm count, and both unfortunately cause unpleasant side effects such as pimples in men, and increased Weight gain in women.

6. Your body needs to be completely free of any kind of disease
When we speak of diseases here, it is not just diseases that cause infertility, but of any disease, for example, urinary infections, bladder, and others also prevent the development of the eggs.

7. The blood compatibility of the father and mother can not be forgotten
In our frantic search for the baby we can often forget to check for blood compatibility between the couple, and this can cause serious problems in your baby, can cause even miscarriage, take care of that detail before the attempts.

8. Your age makes all the difference.
In recent research in the National Journal, fertilization experts have stated that the fact that women are putting off the age they want to be a mother is one of the main reasons for infertility. These experts claim that the ideal age of reproduction of the female body is between 20 and 35 years.

9. Emotional exhaustion and anxiety are serious problems
This is a difficult symptom to control, but obstetrician physicians assert that even if a woman can do all sorts of treatment, if her emotional state becomes unmanageable, or her anxiety overdoes her, she is in the way.

10. Drinking and smoking may be disrupting
Just like kidney and other diseases, if your body is pure you will certainly be more prone to receive a fetus.

There is no safe dose of alcohol in the body that can prevent serious problems with the fetus.

11. Caffeine Reduction Can Truly Help
Coffee brings more harm than good to your body, so if we are trying to clean everything in our body to have a baby, coffee does not help in this task.

12. It is best to forget ways to ensure the sex of the baby
To keep thinking and trying ways to ensure that the dream is fulfilled completely “… I want to get pregnant and I want it to be a girl!” , For example, may further increase your anxiety and impair your future gestation, you may feel that you have rejected or rejected your baby.

13. There are no right positions to get pregnant
Experts have already confirmed that this tactic is out of the question. There is no proper way to ensure that the sperm will reach your uterus, even more so because this work occurs inside your body and not outside, does it?

14. Your choice of priorities in life can help
If you (the couple) decided that you really want to have a baby, make it a priority, forget about that super-job, that supercar, or other things that keep you from doing everything within reach to achieve that dream. Put your baby in first place in your life, even if it’s not in your belly, somewhere it already exists, do you agree?

15. Your life will never be the same again, so
Imagine your life with a child, anticipate the total changes that will occur, organize your life and your home if you need to, form a stronger union with your partner, establish your rules of baby creation, leave everything ready, after all, our brain Control our emotions. Attract your baby and it will come to you, believe me! For God all things are possible.

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