15 foods to avoid in cancer prevention

16 foods to avoid in cancer prevention
Cancer has become a disease that has worried many people. In recent years more than 1.5 million people have been diagnosed with some form of cancer. You probably have not stopped to think that your diet can be the prevention for this serious illness. Many foods we eat daily have carcinogenic substances, check out:

1. Microwave Popcorn
Microwave popcorn is so practical and we end up not even bothering about the material used to produce it. First, the packaging is coated with a chemical known as ‘ Perfluoro-octanoic acid ‘, also found in Teflon.

2. Canned products and plastic packaging
Consumption of canned food and other foods in plastic containers is common. However, it is a risk to your health. They are manufactured with Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical compound totally harmful to health as well.

3. Processed meats
There are several types of processed meats such as bacon, sausage, ham, and so on. They are processed to increase the shelf life and change the taste.

However, research shows that they increase the risk of cancer, especially the bowel cancer, and when consumption is frequent and in excess causes even death. They concentrate a very high amount of salt and other condiments, as well as preservatives and other chemicals that are carcinogenic.

4. Captive salmon
We consume fish for better health and yet buying salmon raised in captivity will bring losses rather than benefits. This is because the conditions of overcrowding and very greasy food that they receive in a nursery contaminates them.

5. Fried potato or chips
Everyone loves to delight in a potato. As we know, especially those that come in packs like chips and even the precooked and frozen concentrate excess salt, preservatives and dyes.

In addition to contributing to weight gain and cholesterol, they present a carcinogen known as ‘Acrylamide’ . So avoid the potatoes and when you do not resist you prefer fruit chips or wheat based ones that are healthier.

6. Vegetable oils
All vegetable oils are hydrogenated, that is, they go through a chemical process to come to you with pleasant appearance and taste.

We need some fats for our health, but that does not mean that you can use oil at will in your food. Everything in excess is bad for your health.

Preserved, smoked or very salted foods

The preserves concentrate a very high number of salt. Avoid! Smoked foods end up absorbing too much tar, which is a carcinogen.

We find the presence of nitrate and nitrite acting as preservatives in foods that are cured. The problem is in the excessive amount of nitrite. When this occurs there is potentially a risk of developing carcinogenic substances. So, eliminate too salty and smoked foods from your diet.

9. Highly processed foods such as flour and sugar
When these foods are processed, they lose all their nutrients and when they come in contact with our bloodstream they become food for cancer cells.

All because the glycemia rate is very high in refined products. The sugar level increases very quickly. Avoid refined grains!


10. Transgenic foods
They are genetically modified foods. In the laboratory, by changing the nature of the seeds, a mutation was made between, for example, soybeans and bacteria.

This concentration of sugar in our body is mainly due to the most popular and processed foods. A high concentration of sugars may help explain why cancer grows so much between us.

11. Artificial sweeteners
Nothing more, nothing less than a chemical. As we have seen, everything that is processed ends up causing damage to our organism.

12. Diet Products
You are worried about health, but end up buying products that are already ready and justifies that you can eat because the packaging is written that is free of fats and sugar.

Big mistake. Always remember that artificial food is always a mistake. As mentioned above, sweetener does not do well. Eat a diet of natural foods.

13. Alcoholic beverages
After the use of tobacco, alcohol consumption is the major cause of cancer.

14. Red meat
You do not have to despair. Consumption in small quantities brings even benefits in the fight against cancer.

The problem is in daily consumption. In large amounts, the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer increases.

Keep an eye on your plate and consume it sometimes. Make sure that the meat you are ingesting has a natural diet as well.

15. Soft drinks and similar beverages
In addition to the high concentration of sugar, these drinks are loaded with chemicals that guarantee the taste and corrode you from the inside. High levels of sugar and other ingredients contribute to inflammation in the esophagus.

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