4 changes in the woman’s body after 30 years

4 changes in the woman’s body after 30 years
By the time she is 30, many women are concerned about the physical changes that are coming.

The body begins to show that it is no longer the same when it was 20, and that some effects of age begin to be noticed. For example, if at 20 you did not follow the advice of using sunscreen, now around the age of 30 begin to appear expression lines and spots on the skin.

However, there is no reason for despair. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle following the advice of experts, you will have a wonderful decade of life!

Find out what are the main changes in the body of a woman 30 years and older and how to face it all:

1. Lower production of collagen

In this period the body greatly reduces the production of collagen, so the woman may notice that the skin of the face is no longer so firm, and other parts of the body are sagging.

Nutritionist, explains that the main sources of collagen are red meat, chicken and fish. And that collagen can be absorbed even better with consumption of foods rich in vitamin C such as orange, pineapple or acerola.

2. The metabolism slows down

This varies from person to person, but it is true, the metabolism slows down even. This makes some women feel they are gaining weight at this stage of life.

That is why at this age it is good to abandon bad eating habits like eating saltine, stuffed biscuits or pizza every day! It’s the stage where you need to bet on a healthier diet to not gain weight, and with that will gain many other benefits!

Nutritionist also suggests that you include in the diet some thermogenic foods that accelerate the metabolism, such as pepper, ginger, cinnamon and hibiscus tea, which also helps to decrease fluid retention.

In addition, the practice of physical exercises also helps to burn fat and strengthen the muscles and bones.

Here are some tips to start exercising and to leave sedentarism aside:

Always start the exercises gradually.

Always do stretching, heating and cooling.

Keep an exercise journal.

Increase the walks and try to enjoy walking.

Increase activity in your day to day, use stairs and dispense the car whenever possible.

Do some domestic activities such as car washing and gardening yourself.

Take your pet for a walk.

Play with your children or nephews of hopscotch, jump rope, pick up.

3. Reduction of bone mass
From age 35 onwards the risk of osteoporosis increases, a loss of bone mass resulting in weaker bones and susceptible to breakage.

According to nutritionist, this is due to hormonal factors, inadequate nutrition, genetics, among other reasons.

In this case, the equation is the same for a healthy life: balanced diet and physical exercise.

4. A peak of sexual appetite
After so much bad change, this is good news for women who are turning 30!

According to research, women in the 30s and 40s are more sexual than women younger or older. It is at this time that they have more fantasies and more relationships.

The hypothesis raised for this is that this is an evolutionary adaptation, to maximize fertility.

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