5 Dangerous Symptoms That No Pregnant Woman Should Ignore

5 Dangerous Symptoms That No Pregnant Woman Should Ignore

1. Pain
Pregnancy does not hurt. If you feel pain in the belly or any intense pain that does not stop, something is wrong. Be it headache, pain when urinating, pain in the stomach (it can be bad digestion), pain in the middle of the belly (can gastroenteritis or pre-eclampsia – serious problem), pain in the lower abdomen or lateral can be abortion, pregnancy outside Of the uterus, contractions, myoma or detachment of the placenta. As a general rule, abdominal pain requires medical consultation.

2. Severe nausea and vomiting
If they are intense they are not the normal nausea of ​​pregnancy. According to this medical website , it is an emergency in pregnancy, because repeated vomiting can cause metabolic disorders and dehydration that can reach the fetus, which is serious, because due to the low supply of nutrients, there is the possibility of forming defective limbs and, In rare cases, miscarriage.

3. Fever
Fever is always a sign that something is not going well, pregnancy is very dangerous. According to Dr. Sang Cha – specialist in fetal medicine and director of Embryo Fetus, Assisted Reproduction Center, at very high temperature can cause miscarriage, premature birth and even malformation of the fetus. Dr. Sang also advises the pregnant woman to take acetaminophen only, “and once medicated, you must get it out of the feverish state as soon as possible,” says the doctor.

4. Scotomas and or blurred vision
Scotomas or the sensation of seeing “stars” can signal high blood pressure in pregnancy, which immediately makes her at risk, since hypertension is extremely dangerous and can even kill both mother and baby.

Hypertension is one of the largest, if not the greatest risk factor for death in pregnancy, because when uncontrolled it causes eclampsia. Therefore, the care with blood pressure should be a priority in pregnancy, otherwise, says the obstetrician Alberto D’Auria, the baby and the mother are at risk of death. “It is important to consider that 75% of the deaths due to arterial hypertension in pregnancy are caused by eclampsia,” warns the obstetrician.

Already blurred vision when accompanied by intense thirst, dysuria (excess urine), recurrent urine infections and increased appetite (and weight), are symptoms of gestational diabetes, another complication that makes the pregnancy as “risky”.

Double vision, blurred vision, bright spots or lights – may indicate pre-eclampsia.

5. Bleeding
Mild vaginal bleeding without pain may be a sign that the embryo is nesting in the womb early in pregnancy but the doctor should still be consulted because bleeding may signal a problem.

When bleeding is large and accompanied (or not) with pain, it may be the beginning of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or placenta problems.

If it occurs later, but before 37 weeks, bleeding may indicate premature labor or problems with the placenta.

As already mentioned, although pregnancy is not a disease, it is a period that needs care for both the mother and the baby. For this reason, from the outset, medical care, food, exercise, prenatal, non-smoking and exposure to toxic environments or substances. In case of any of the above symptoms seek immediate medical attention.

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