14 gestures of a man really in love

14 gestures of a man really in love
Sometimes men are lousy at showing affection. They do not like to express their love for words and do so, most of the time, through actions. If he is really in love with you, he will demonstrate his feelings through these 14 gestures:

1. He surrounds her with his arms
When in public, he loves to put you in his arms and walk with you. He likes to show it off and make everyone know that you are his.

2. Hugs are just a pretext for him to approach you.
Having you around is everything to him. It has to do with feeling the pulse and breathing of each other.

3. He extends his hand when you need
She loves being able to help you when you need her. Extending his hand is just one way.

4. He loves to hold his hand
The feeling of when your fingers are entwined with his, swinging for freight and back, shows your true feelings for you.

5. Your warm and tight hugs that take time when you say goodbye
Those long hugs, those that end up tight, are full of love.

6. Kisses on the forehead
A simple but deeply meaningful gesture. A little kiss on the forehead makes a big difference.

7. Make sure you’re comfortable is a priority.
If you are cold, he offers you his coat. If you’re hungry, he’ll find a way to give you something to eat. If you need comfort, he’s there to hold you.

8. Small whispers in your ear
The softness of his voice only reflects the softness of his heart.

9. He touches your hair
He is fascinated with the look of his hair. He can not help touching it and letting it slide between his fingers and gently placing a lock behind his ear so he can see his beautiful face better.

10. He looks deep in your eyes
Sometimes it’s too easy for him to get lost in his eyes.

11. He starts dancing with you
He loves his way when he dances with him.

12. He touches her gently
He respects you and your body. When he touches it, he does it kindly and respectfully.

13. He loves to make you laugh
He loves the sound of his laughter more than anything else. His laughter illuminates his world.

14. He is not afraid to kiss her
In the end, if he is really in love with you, he will steal you a kiss or two. His kisses say a lot.

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