3 dating attitudes that should continue even after married

3 dating attitudes that should continue even after married
Dating is a time of utmost importance in a couple’s relationship. It is there that we know his tastes and preferences, develop the true feeling of love, and find out if it is at his side that we want to live forever. It is in the courtship too, that the couple usually watch movies together, go out to dinner with some friends and to know some places.

Appearance care
As a boyfriend, you always waited for each other to shower, combed hair, well-made nails, clean skin, and that seductive perfume, did not you? You never let your love see you in old clothes and sweat on your face. But what about the marriage? The appearance care should continue with the marriage, in fact, they should increase! Ever heard of the famous phrase “who marries, grows fat”? Generalizing, this sentence is true, and it’s not because you start to eat more, but because you stop stretching and doing sit-ups in the morning, you leave the race aside to stay home at rest, you do not care if you have Or there is no salad at lunch. Do not think that the wedding ring on your finger guarantees that your love will last forever. Do not relax! Take care of your body, your appearance, and consequently you will be taking care of your soul as well.

Constant conquest
You probably thought more of giving up your will to do your spouse’s wishes while you were dating, right? Probably yes. As we date and we have marriage as a goal, we strive to reach the goal, we seek to conquer our love every day and guarantee happiness in being by our side. After marriage, the goal should continue: to make the marriage eternal.

Conquer your spouse daily, do not forget even one day of winning his love for you; Know to forgive, you will need forgiveness many times throughout your life, and know how to give in to your will, it will also do it for you.

Chocolates, plushies, movie tickets to watch that movie he so much wants to see, are all lovely treats! We all love pampering! Try to remember the last time you picked a little flower in the garden for your wife, or that you made your husband’s favorite dessert, were you still dating? You need to maintain these attitudes after marriage. We all want to feel loved, and it does not matter if you have a month or a decade of union.

Pampering is a way to remind the person that you love them and that you are there to protect them. What we feel while being pampered is something difficult to describe, but it is something that makes our heart beat faster and our mouth bow into a perfect smile.

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