10 Reasons Why Are Fastly Ageing

10 Reasons Why Are Fastly Ageing
1. Poor Sleep habit

Everyday is stressful on its own. This is not really because of the physical activities, but because the body produces hormones like cortisol, adrenalin and growth hormone that helps deploy the energy needed to carry out the day to day activities. These hormones have been implicated in the ageing process of body cells. It is good night sleep that helps to reverse the negative impact of these hormones on the body. A good unbroken eight hours of sleep a night is a perfect remedy to assuage the impact of the stresses of daily life and helps keep your skin younger for a long time.

Poor sleep causes your skin to lose its glow and age fast, affect your complexion, leading to dark circles around the eyes.

Everyday the skin get exposed to harsh weather like sun, dirt and polluted air, its a good night sleep that helps the cells to heal and rejuvenate.

So starting to cultivate a healthy sleep habit is a good way to start.

2. Excessive Alcohols
High levels of alcohol in the blood have deleterious effect on blood vessels. And when maintained for a long time, it causes blood vessels to lose its elasticity. One of the visible signs of this is the presence visible thready veins on your face. It also affects the supply of much needed nutrients to the skin of the face, leaving the face to lose its tone wrinkled. Excessive drinking also affect vitamin A metabolism, making the drinker to be relatively deficient in this essential vitamin needed by the skin to make collagen.

For alcohol, moderation is key. And what is moderation? According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, moderate alcohol consumption is defined as having up to 1 drink per day for women and up to 2 drinks per day for men. But generally, it advisable to stay way below this level.

We should also say that red wine contains the anti-ageing compound resveratrol, but when taken in excess, the alcohol negates whatever benefit the compound may have.

3. Not using sun screens everyday.
The sun, with the attendant barrage of UV rays, is one of the strongest skin ageing agents. The UV rays damage the structure of the collagen that support the skin on the face. The mistake most people make, is by forgoing the use of sun screens on rainy days or days without sun. The truth is, there are still a reasonable amount of UV rays out there that can affect the skin.

4. Cigarette Smoking

Smoking pushes the body’s detoxifying system to its limits. Experts have said, cigarette contain over 4000 toxic compounds that are damaging to every cell of the body.

It loads up the body with a cocktail of toxic chemicals like tar, benzene, hydrogen cyanide, lead, hydroquinone, carbon monoxide, cyanide and formaldehyde just to mention a few. The essential vitamins needed by the skin is diverted into mopping up of these daily loads of chemicals. Nicotine also constrict veins and reduce blood supply to the skin cells.

The best a smoker can do is to give up smoking completely. The least is to cut it down to 2 or 3 sticks a day, and once it is done, the body is equipped with the capacity to gradually remove these toxins and begin to heal itself. But not giving up on smoking means that the effects can gradually become irreversible.

5. Crash dieting

A crash diet is a method to lose weight really fast in a short period of time, by reducing the daily calorie intake to as low as 700 calories a day. This obviously is uncomfortable as your it may affect your energy and ability to function effectively.

This practice in itself is not bad, particularly if you are overweight and its telling on your health. But it is not advisable when you have attained the age of 35 and above. The sudden loss of body fat affects the fat under the skin of the face, leaving you with an appearance of old age.

6. Sugar
Most people already know that a high intake of refined sugar diet is not good for the health, but few people know it also makes your face look way older than your real age.

A diet high in refined sugar and pure carbohydrates such as rice, yams, potatoes can lead a biochemical process called protein glycation of the collagen in the skin. This is a process where sugar molecules attach to cells of collagen and making them to lose flexibility. This makes the skin become more rigid and less elastic, vulnerable to damage.

7. Excessive exercise
Moderate exercise helps blood circulation to the cells of the body and boosts the immune system. This naturally gives the face a more youthful appearance. But when exercise becomes vigorous and excessive, the stress produces a reverse of that. It damages the cells of the body.

8. Picking of the pimples
The face breaks out with eruptions at different times particularly in women due to hormonal fluctuations of menstrual cycle. Men can have break out of pimples too either from stress of diet related. The problem is when these spots are pricked open. It appear to give a relief on the short term, but leaves scars behind and a dry and irritated skin. It is advisable to use a simple facial cleanser or applying warm soapy water in the evening. This helps to clear them over time while leaving behind a healthy skin.

9. Sleeping with makeup on
Sometimes its easy to simply crash into bed and sleep off after a long tiring day without remembering to wash off the make up remnants. This is not a good habit, because sweating and environmental toxins have built up on the skin all day. When you stay overnight with without washing the make up off, the bacteria and toxins invade the pores all night and can begin to cause skin related problems.

10. Cocktail of beauty products
Some ladies are in the habit of mixing of different beauty products to combine their individual strengths for enhanced effect. This is a very bad practice, particularly for the skin, because the individual chemicals can have reaction, leading to formation of new products that are toxic and irritating to the skin. Mixing you new serum with moisturiser may look like a good idea, but its a no no for your skin health.

Make these simple modifications to your health today, and be sure to be healthy.

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