5 Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts

5 Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts
Do you know of the popular Tiger nut? Then what is a tiger nut?

Tiger nuts a misnomer because they are actually small tubers which are very healthful fruits. They have so many indispensable benefits, few of which involve protection from heart diseases, thrombosis and aiding effective blood circulation.

Because of the high contents of glucose they also can help in boosting energy and very recent findings suggesting they help reduce the risk of development of colon cancers. The very rich fiber content of this fruit makes it specially beneficial in aiding indigestion and lowering of cholesterol.

What then are the benefits of a Tiger nut?
1. Good For People Living With Diabetes
Tiger nut milk is very helpful in people living with diabetes. Nutritional fibers found in the flour made from dried tubers can also help diabetics live healthy and nourish body cells. The insoluble dietary fiber is very vital in regulating the release of sugar into the blood in diabetics. Dietary fiber has long been recognized as a modulator in rate of liberation of sugar from carbohydrate diets as opposed to soluble carbohydrates as it cannot be digested. It is also good in weight reduction hence contributing to a cut-down in one of the risks parameters for diabetes. It is also packed with a handful of the nutrient L- Arginine, which aids increased secretion of the much needed insulin in diabetics.

2. Fortified With Protein
Tiger nuts constitute an amazing plant source of protein. Protein is a crucial addition to every food plan to have a balanced diet. It has a role in building muscle bulk and other integumentary systems and function as vital precursors for important enzymes, hormones and nutrients in our body. As protein plays vital role with iron, in the formation of blood, Tiger nut is especially great in the female teenage years in aiding the replenishment of blood lost to monthly menstrual flow.

3. A Rich Supply of All-important Magnesium
Tiger nut is packed full of minerals, especially magnesium. Magnesium is very important in the nervous system to aid normal nerve conduction and muscle contration. It is also an integral part of a strong functional bone and joint system of the body. Many biochemical reactions that keeps the body system in harmony depends of minerals like magnesium for proper synergy. It is also vital in maintaining normal rhythm of heart beats.

4. Protection Against cardiovascular Diseases
Tiger nuts is one of the fruits recognized to confer protection against cardiovascular diseases. The rich supply of vitamin C and E, very potent antioxidants make the fruits essential in preventing the free radical aided oxidation of LDL cholesterol in the blood vessels which is the first step in development of cardiovascular diseases like angina, deep vein thrombosis, heart attacks and Strokes. Antioxidants help the safe guard blood vessels from free radical molecules produced from metabolism of foods by mopping up the loose unshared electrons they carry. The unshared electrons react with oxygen to form reactive oxygen species that damage the walls of the blood vessels. This is the first step in a chain reaction that culminates in the permanent damage of blood vessels and the ageing process of body cells. Diets rich in this essential vitamins protect the cardiovascular system by way of inhibiting the introduction of those reactive oxygen species.

5. Reduction In The Risk of cancers
Tiger nuts also add the additional benefits of protection from cancers. One of the scientifically recognized fist step in the development of cancers in human body is the free radical damage of the DNA of normal cells, making them to become mutated and prone to uncontrollable growth and spread. The rich supply of vitamin C and E in this fruit makes them rapidly mop up these toxic compounds from the colon and prevent them from having prolonged contacts with the body cells.

So adding this important fruit to your menu is a way to avail yourself of these amazing benefits.

Enjoy a healthy life with your tiger nut.

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