14 Tips To An Uncomplicated Loving Relationship

14 Tips To An Uncomplicated Loving Relationship

1. Do not listen beyond what was said
Some people have a tendency to imagine things beyond what have been said. Stop torturing yourself!

2. Do not try to imagine what the other is thinking
When the other is thoughtful, do not play small children’s games by asking “Are you thinking of me?” “Is something wrong with me?” “Why are you like this? Do not you love me anymore?” Everyone needs some time to meditate.

3. Do not expect the other telepathic powers
Do not think the other will guess what you are thinking or what you expect them to say or do. If you want something, just say so.

4. Open the game
If something is bothering you, do not direct or keep your face tied.

5. Do not expect perfection from the other person
Be understanding. You’re not perfect, how do you expect the other person to be?

6. Eliminate jealousy of your life
Jealousy is extremely destructive. He erodes love and trust, and turns the life of the couple into hell.

7. Trust and be trustworthy
Trust the person you love. And do nothing, far from it, that you would not have the courage to do in your presence.

8. Learn to listen
Venting is good, is not it? So dedicate yourself to really listening to the one you love.

9. Let the other breathe
Do not want to be stuck 24 hours a day. Everyone needs time for themselves.

10. Put yourself in his place
Do not say or do anything you do not want to hear or witness.

11. Take care of yourself
Invest more in yourself so that your self-esteem is elevated and you feel more confident in the company of your love.

12. Mind Your Mind
If you keep busy you will have less time to think about nonsense.

13. Involve him in your projects
It is very frustrating for anyone to feel excluded from the life projects of the person they love.

14. Dialogue constantly
Have good and pleasant conversations. Do not wait to talk only when you have trouble solving it.

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