9 Tips To A Healthy Heart

8 Tips To A Healthy Heart

1. Have the records of vital signs and your cholesterol values
Know the normal rates of cholesterol and blood pressure, and have regular check-ups with your doctor to make sure that you maintain good lifestyle and keep your heart healthy.

2. Regular exercise
Being physically inactive is not good for your heart. Get some much-needed exercise to regulate blood flow in the body and increase your heart rate.

3. No to smoking
It is a message we hear all the time, and the premise is always based on how smoking affects your lungs and can lead to cancer, but did you know that smoking badly affects your heart too?

“Smoking does a lot of detrimental things to the heart. It increases your blood pressure, narrows your arteries, which can cause a person to suffer a heart attack.

“Smoking also causes blood clots, greatly increases the chances of a stroke and is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease. This obviously is not the way to keep your heart healthy.

“If you want to be kind to your heart and keep the heart healthy, the first thing is to quit smoking.”

4. Watch that waistline!
Know your Body Mass Index, and make sure you are the right body weight for your height and age.

Find out from your family if they have a history of heart disease so you can take the necessary precautions to prevent the same fate.

5. Cut down on table salts
Be careful of your salt intake. Reducing your salt intake will make you less likely to have coronary heart disease. Get used to eating food without salt, or with very little salt. Your heart will thank you for it.

6. Low dose aspirin
Aspirin taken in low dosages is important as a secondary prevention for people already diagnosed with coronary heart disease.

7. Stay happy always
Reduce your stress levels. Stress has a direct impact on your heart by damaging the function of your blood vessels, so try to do activities that reduce your stress levels.

Take time out to unwind, or make it your mission to watch your favourite comedy show at least once a week. Your heart will laugh all the stress away.

8. Eat chocolate
Dark chocolate contains ingredients that can lower your chances of getting heart disease, and also assist with preventing blood clots.

9. Pay close attention to any family history of heart disease
Although hereditary is not the major cause of heart disease, it can certainly be a contributing factor

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