4 Signs He Is Not Ready For A Relationship

4 Signs He Is Not Ready For A Relationship

1. He hasn’t learned from his past
Likewise, a man who continues to make the same relationship mistakes and doesn’t learn from his past is a bad bet in love. Everyone gains wisdom from every relationship, every break-up and every date. If he’s not learning from his experiences, you are both going to go in circles and never move to the next step.

2. He has a long list
Having a list of what he wants is okay, but having a long list detailing the ins and outs of every action, every thought and every inch of his ideal woman, is a bad sign. A long list signals inflexibility and control issues. If he has such a list, he isn’t interested in being or growing with a real person whose personality and body is going to change in the future. He wants a cardboard cutout to fit perfectly into his world like a puzzle piece, and he has no room for compromise.

3. He’s a serial dater
Having countless relationships in the past isn’t necessarily bad, but if things are fizzling out only after a few weeks of seeing each other, there may be a few things to consider. He may choose to date people based purely on looks, he may be unable to commit to one person or he may not know how to keep a relationship going after the infatuation stage.

He may be someone who doesn’t know why his relationships don’t last, and if he can’t see his faults, your relationship probably won’t get off the ground.

4. He has no plans for the future
If he’s not in school, bettering himself or charting his career path, he’s not ready for a relationship. These people are called “floaters.” Floaters don’t build solid foundations in relationships or in life. With sheer luck and good decisions, things may end up okay for him, but you’ll never feel totally secure in life with this guy.

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