4 Reasons Your Marriage Is Never Like The Movies

4 Reasons Your Marriage Is Never Like The Movies
The movies shows a perfectly happy marriage that will always last forever. Its one that shows two couples bound in love towards one another. Do you think it is possible to run your marriage that same way? Then you need to know why your marriage cannot e like the movies.

1. Fights get resolved.
Life is not like that. Some issues may drag on for days, months or they may never find a resolution. Sometimes problems are completely out of your control. When you fight with your spouse there’s not always a dramatic scene where you both realize how wrong you’ve been and you run into each other’s arms.

Understanding that all couples fight, all couples have issues and not all fights end in flowers and apologizes in a timely matter is vital to having a successful marriage.

2. Looks are deceiving
Actors have a lot of money and resources to look their best. They have teams of makeup artists, hair stylists and wardrobe experts to make sure everything is perfect. The average person does not have any of those things. We age and wrinkle, all while our waistbands expand. That’s why it’s important not to marry for looks alone. If you love someone with your whole heart, those extra pounds and gray hairs will just add to their appeal.

3. Mistakes happen
You are not always going to have a perfect life and you can’t just call “cut” and start over. Learning how to overcome obstacles, keep trying, and forgive others are steps everyone has to learn in order to have a happy marriage. The road is not always easy, but that’s what makes life interesting, challenging and fulfilling.

4. There are no happily ever afters
Most of us expect a happy ending in the movies, but that isn’t a given when it comes to real life. You story does not end when you get meet the perfect guy, get married or have a baby. It continues on, and that’s a good thing! You will not always have total bliss, but in order to appreciate the bliss, you must experience the heartache.

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