5 Healthy Foods That Harms You

5 Healthy Foods That Harms You

Have you ever imagined that there are some foods that can harm you? They may be regarded as healthy from some people, but they just harm you alone. What are some of this foods?

Breakfast Cereals
Breakfast cereals are notoriously bad for your health because they’re mostly loaded with refined carbohydrates and sugar. They’re also fortified with artificial vitamins with little amounts of real whole grains and then marketed as healthy. Taking breakfast with a high sugar content might result in a sugar crash in the middle of the day and cause you to have cravings.

Fruit Juices
Fruit juices have always been described as healthy but this might not be totally true. Most people take fruit juices in excess leading to them experiencing sugar crashes everyday because of the high-sugar content. Fruit juice also does not contain any fibre that would have been in the real fruit.

Whole Wheat
While whole wheat may be healthier than the refined variety, it also has it’s own flaws. Wheat is a major source of gluten which is often attacked by the immune system of gluten-sensitive individuals. This may result in bloating, damage to stomach lining, pain etc. Wheat may also make you Vitamin D deficient making you burn through your reserves faster.

Sports Drinks
Sport drinks are commonly taken by athletes who have just undergone some form of intense training session and are experiencing sweating and loss of glycogen. It usually contains water, electrolytes and sugar. Since you probably already have too much sugar in your body already, it’s more advisable to drink water when working out. Energy drinks should only be taken after extreme physical exertion and not as a recreational drink.

Energy Bars
Energy bars are also one of the many healthy foods that can harm you. They are perfectly tailored for athletes who need to keep their protein intake high and eat frequently. If you’re not an athlete however, you should avoid taking energy bars as they’re often filled with processed products. While energy bars might feel like a better alternative to junk foods, you’re better of spending money on real food.

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