9 Ways To Attract Your Husband

9 Ways To Attract Your Husband
1. Say his name
Simply saying his name will draw his attention to you. Saying his name first thing in the morning, when drowsiness still clouds your thoughts and voice, can be particularly alluring.

2. Glance at him
If you are past the honeymoon phase, staring at him is creepy, but a casual glance across the table at him can spark his interest. If your guy is staring at you, meet his eyes, look away for a few seconds and then look back at him. Blushing is a definite plus.

3. Challenge him
Calling him out for doing something silly or challenging his opinion makes you more independent. Challenging him keeps excitement flowing in your relationship, and always keeps him on his toes.

5. Be confident
A confident woman is an attractive woman. Your husband can sense when you’re confident and it makes him want you even more than usual.

6. Sweat
You’ve seen movies where a woman looks stunning while sweating and every man around is checking her out. Well, that’s what you look like to your husband when you’re working out. So jump on that elliptical and work up a glistening sweat.

7. Be passionate about something
When you’re passionate about a sport or a particular social cause, it makes your husband want to kiss you. Your body reacts to excitement, anger or frustration in a similar way as it does toward sexual stimulation. Your husband could subconsciously be aware of this, which would explain why he finds you extremely attractive when you’re angry.

8. Have messy hair
You can spend hours on your hair in the morning, but your man’s favorite hairstyle might be the one you wake up with. Bed hair can seem unattractive to you, but your husband will enjoy tangling his hands in your wild hair and kissing you. Embrace the messy hair.

9. Smile and laugh
Smiling and laughing indicates happiness, and every man likes a happy wife. You bond with your husband on an emotional level when you laugh together. The cute smile lines that appear next to your eyes are a bonus. Let your husband know his love for you is one of the main causes of your developing smile lines. Then, every time he looks at one of your cute eye wrinkles, he will smile too.

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