10 Reasons Why You Should Cherish Him

10 Reasons Why You Should Cherish Him
With the help of technology, it’s easier to find an ideal partner. While it may be easier to find more people to date, you still have to maintain your standards. As girls, we need to be picky about the men we are dating. If you think someone caught you with his charm, make sure these 10 things describe your mister before falling for him:

He tells you everything
Some guys may be too shy to open up everything about their life, but a guy who treats you like his best friend he can share everything with is something special. It means he trusts you and wants you to be involved in his life. From the yummy lunch he had to the problems he had at work, he shares them all with you.

He wants you to meet his friends
If you are meeting his friends, he’s serious about dating you and he’s proud of you. It means he wants you to know more about his life and the people in it. It also means he isn’t hiding something; if these is someone else in his life, he wouldn’t let you meet his other friends.

He helps you when you’re in trouble
If you are in trouble and need help, go ahead and fall in love if your mister is just a phone call away, no matter what he’s in the middle of.

He is mature
Having a man who wouldn’t dream of hurting you, playing with your feelings or acting childish is a keeper. A man worth falling in love with is someone who is looking for a companion to love and take care of – someone to have a future with. There’s no room for games in a plan like that.

He is interested in your opinions
You can tell if a guy is interested in what you say by the way he speaks to you. If he does all the talking, he doesn’t really think much about what you can lend to the conversation. A man who cares will bring up new topics to talk about with you. A guy worth falling for isn’t only fascinated of his own ideas and thoughts – he wants to hear what you have to say, too.

He doesn’t hesitate when defining your relationship
It’s amazing when a guy talks about what your relationship should be. It’s always important to know if he just wants a short-term thing, or if he wants something more to avoid hurt feelings. But you know he’s a keeper if he wants to have a formal relationship with you, and he asks you for it.

He wants to travel with you
Forget dating someone who only ever takes you out to dinner. Someone worth falling for is someone who wants to have you join him on his adventures. He thinks of you first as his companion, and that means you are important to him. Spending time with you someplace new would be so precious for him. He thinks that you are worth his time.

Even if he’s busy, he finds time to talk with you
If a guy just makes a phone call when he’s lonely, beware; You’re only there to fill time. Hold onto the man who spends precious free time in his busy schedule giving you a call, just to say hi.

He remembers the things you’ve mentioned
If your man really likes you, he would pay attention to every detail you say. Even if you are just talking nonsense, he listens to you. If he doesn’t, don’t waste your time on him.

Dates revolve around your interests
He decided to eat dinner with you at your favorite restaurant. He plans to have a movie date watching your favorite films. He cooks your favorite food. You go to a library to read your favorite books. Go ahead and fall in love if he does these – you’ve found a man who will always want to make you happy.

Even if you have dozens of offers, make sure you are only saying “yes” to the right guys. It’s normal to feel a little doubt when it comes to deciding who to day. But reviewing these ten signs of a good man can help you figure out whether or not he’s worth your time.

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