5 Reasons You Should NEVER Eat Sugar

5 Reasons You Should NEVER Eat Sugar

Sugar Can Aid Overeating
Excess sugar consumption can also lead to the buildup of resistance of the hormone Leptin which is secreted by your fat cells and is responsible for telling your brain when you’ve had enough food. Sugar helps build up a resistance to this hormone leading to your brain assuming that your fat cells are empty thus causing you to eat more.

It Deposits Fat In Your Liver
When fructose is consumed, it is stored in the liver to be used in replenishing lost liver glycogen after heightened physical activity. This can however be dangerous when you don’t engage in physical activity but your liver is filled with glycogen already. Some of these fats eventually dissipate but some remains in the liver and can lead to Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases.

Sugar Is Addictive
Sugar consumption stirs up the pleasure centers of the brain resulting into dopamine being released by the brain. This is the same effect drugs have on the brain. This release of dopamine may result in addiction to sugar and sugary foods and many people already consume sugary foods in manners that can be likened to that of addicts.

It Increases Your Risk Of Diseases
When you consume too much sugar, you stand the risk of developing a variety of diseases from obesity as a result of weight gain, diabetes and heart diseases. In fact, Excess sugar consumption is a contributing factor to the poor health of a lot of nations.

It Causes Insulin Resistance
Insulin in your body is responsible for driving glucose from your bloodstream to your cells. When you eat too much sugar however, these cells become resistant to the effects of insulin causing your pancreas to produce more insulin to remove the glucose from the blood since too much blood glucose can be toxic.

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