5 Reasons Why She Calls You A Boyfriend Material

5 Reasons Why She Calls You A Boyfriend Material

Every man at one point or the other has wished he could read the mind of a potential girlfriend after a few dates.

That way he can find out what she considers in coming to a decision over a relationship.

Unfortunately, we cannot read minds either. Instead we present a couple of reasons she considers before she grants you the coveted boyfriend title.

You listen to her
She looks forward to a guy who really wants to listen to her. She can readily spot the difference when you are faking it. An offshoot of listening is that you help her come to decisions and you support them.

A guy that listens without judging or criticizing is an attractive proposition. Being supportive and caring about her ideas and decisions makes you irresistible.

You make her feel comfortable
If you make her feel at home around you,she is definitely ticking the box next to boyfriend material.

After a couple of dates and great conversations, it is no longer a front. What follows is more openness and emotions.

Once she finds that she can relax around you and express herself, you would be a shoo in as her boyfriend.

You can handle responsibilities
She would evaluate you and see if you have your life figured out. Being able to handle a job, manage your finances and take care of pets are key considerations. A lady that is convinced that you have a plan is going to be ready to commit herself to you.

You trust her
Trust is a major consideration for her after your first few dates. She is looking for a guy that is not overly possessive

If you give her space and respect the fact that she has her own circle, she is sure to consider you as boyfriend material.

You are respectful
Unknown to you, she is constantly watching how you treat other people in your life.

An important factor is how you treat your mother and your sisters. The way you treat the women in your life is an indicator of how you would treat her.

If you are respectful to your colleagues and family, she would feel confident and safe with you.

With an insight into the mind of your love interest, you can work on yourself and tailor yourself as the perfect fit.

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