Women Empowerment, A Panacea to National Development

It is common to hear people talk about women’s empowerment and the liberation of women from poverty and domestic oppression and exploitation as pre-requisites for national development. Issues concerning women are hence integrated in the national policies and programmes. Emancipation and liberation of women from poverty and exploitation. We remain optimistic that our women will continue to recognize that they have a president who is standing by them at all times and anywhere. Imagine a president who gives women free maternal health, educating the girl child for free and initiating a series of development projects that go a long way to better the lots of women. Each time he speaks, he reiterates his commitment to supporting this group of the society as he constantly pledges more for them.

This is what our sister African nations should emulate. The degree of a country’s development can be gauged by the participation of its women in the development process.Their empowerment therefore does mean integrating women issues in the national policy statement.

History has proven that despite their exploitation and subjugation, women, particularly those in Africa, have contributed immensely to the advancement of humanity. They were vanguards in the African revolution against imperialism; hence they deserve the right to become active actors in the shaping of our collective destiny. We hope our brothers and sisters across the continent will gain the necessary awareness and come on board, so that collectively, the house that we build can become a home.

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