Think your underwear is realy hot or expensive to show-off?.. it still remains UNDERWEAR!

These days, it really marvels one why our so-called female “undees” are called underwear when it has actually become a thing for show-off and public evaluation. ladies choose to go half-nude(revealing their inner wears) just to be noticed(or rather be in trend). The trend of sagging trousers(which is common with men) has sudenly became a female fashion trend…check-out these conversation between ladies and notice the motive for this “social malady” called fashion:

Trish, 27, has just been prevailed upon by Joanna, 32, to wear a petticoat because her panties were showing through the chiffon dress.

As she rejoins Joanna, Stella, 38, and Katie, 28, in the car for our trip to Mweya…

Trish: One of these days, I am going to tuck my blouse in my panties and pull them up because they are just so cute!

Stella: You know!? I totally feel that way too, sometimes… Like, all that wasted beauty under the clothes!

Katie: Sometimes they are simply the best thing I am wearing – I am talking about those dull grey days when I hardly care for the clothes I am wearing; you know what I’m saying?

Trish: Like right now, I wish I were in kindergarten all over again and it was PE time and all the girls had to play in their underwear. My lacy wonder underneath is just to kill for.

Joanna: Ladies, get a grip! No matter how hot you think your underwear is, it still remains UNDERWEAR!

Trish: Forgive us if yours are matronly. Some of us really invest in these things. It is sad no one gets to see them…

Joanna: Aren’t they meant to be seen by your men? Last I checked, you were in sexual relationships.

Katie: Yeah, but that is just one person seeing. Besides, I would like for someone to just see them for their cuteness, not for sexual purposes.

Trish: Yeah, if I bought mine at Anne Summers in London, I really need to show some babes in Kampala what underwear is all about. They wear low-cut jeans, which show cheap and worn-out underwear when they bend over. Yuck!

Joanna: Well… maybe if I compare it to the feeling I get when I wear an expensive blouse. I wish I could leave the price tag on for all to take their hats off for me…

Katie: See? There is a child – a show-off, moreover – in each of us.

Weird conversation, if you ask a poor dude like me.

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