What if He loves you and He Just Can't Say It?

While growing up, I had what I can only describe as military parents, living in a typical barrack. My parents were perfectionists, they had the do’s and don’ts and instructions on how to lay the bed, set the table, and even place a tooth brush in the bathroom!

I grew up longing for my dad to say “I love you”, but unfortunately, he died without me ever hearing him say it. I look back and remember when he would hug or lift me in public. This didn’t exactly represent love to me, but it was his way of saying it. He loved me but he was different.

Mum was the opposite, but every time she tried it, dad would say nothing! Instead, he would say or ask something totally different. This really used to annoy me.

Like my mum, I tend to speak what is in my heart. Call it coincidence but I met a man with similarities to my dad. He takes his time and thinks about what to say before saying it. I have had those moments when I question his love for me and have uttered the words ‘it’s over’.

Sometimes, I resort to silent treatment, which gives me more ache than relief! I met an old lady in one of those crazy moments who taught me a few standing principles – and that quitting is never a solution! Very many people have a little trouble saying those three magic words, but do not think that he doesn’t love you just because he doesn’t say them as often as he should or perhaps even never.

Look around for the other things he does that tell you otherwise. We are all different, and you simply cannot hold him against that. However, that should not stop you from letting him know how you feel, if you have no problem doing so. He’ll appreciate it and perhaps eventually learn to do the same.

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