More Expectant Mothers Opt for Caesarian Session – Gynaecologist

Dr Enyinnaya Nduka, a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, said on Thursday that more expectant mothers were opting for Caesarian Session (CS) as the process had become increasingly safer.

Nduka, a consultant with the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Umuahia, said this in an interview in Umuahia.

“Caesarian session is an operative method of child delivery in lieu of the natural process.

“Some expectant mothers opt for it when they are so scared of labour from what they have heard,” he said.

He said labour pain was normal “and that’s why every woman needs a compassionate attendant to empathise with her throughout the labour.

“We encourage husbands to come around although midwives now fill the roles,” he said.

He said that although the process was now safer, “I will not say all women should abandon the natural process of childbirth.

“Ideally, CS should have laid down indications because it is an operation on women with issues that will not allow them deliver by themselves.

“Such absolute indication could be when the expectant mother has low lying placenta, grossly contracted pelvis or when the baby is not lying longitudinally,” he said.

Nduka said that other factors that called for CS could be “where the baby is supposed to come out from is blocked by fibroid or ovarian cyst”.

He regretted that most expectant mothers, out of social or cultural beliefs, would insist on delivering vaginally even when the indications are to the contrary.

He said that as experts, they advised women on the safest way of child delivery.

“Ideally, when there are more than two babies in the womb, the best bet is to go for CS because it will be risky to allow such woman deliver on her own,” he said.

He said a woman that had her first baby through CS can still deliver subsequent ones vaginally, depending on the circumstance.

“For those that deliver through CS, we advise them to limit the number of children they will have to either three or four for their health and safety,” Nduka said.

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