The Mystery Called a Woman's Handbag

“… .It’s clear our handbags and their contents say much more about our personality than we might think… ” says Kathy Eisman’ book How to tell a Woman by Her Handbag.

Take a stroll through the busy city centre; men and women carry different sizes of bags. They come in different textures and styles too. They range from bucket bags, totes, saddle purses, messenger bags, baguettes, clutches and come in different colours as well.

Some have long straps that allow them to dangle off the shoulders. Others are carried under one’s arm, or simply held in the hand, such as clutches. Those with shorter straps are usually hung off the bent arm, a common trend with ladies seeking more elegance and style.

Sarah Zawedde, an artiste, prefers carrying hers off the shoulder.

“But it also depends on the type of bag and how I am dressed,” she adds.

“The type of bag I carry depends on the outfit. I am not so into carrying big bags,” adds Lillian Mbabazi, a musician. Oh, some bags can be so big, guys have been heard joking that they worry girls could be ‘shopping’ in their houses when they visit, thanks to those big bags.

Talking about size, Rachael Arinaitwe, a news anchor on NTV, reveals that she finds the shoulder the most comfortable position to carry the bag.

“I may be carrying many things, and it also depends on the occasion. I love neutral colours and I am now just venturing into other colours.”

Nothing probably consumes many a man’s mind when it comes to women’s bags, than what the possible contents could be. Well, contents, according to the ladies, can range from a full range of make-up, to stationery, a complete change of clothes and even a sewing kit! Yet others keep it simple, with just a phone, pen and hankie.

But note these, ladies: research studies have revealed that carrying heavy, oversized bags is hazardous to one’s health. There is risk of muscle fatigue, cramping and soreness. Health experts recommend that a bag should correspond with one’s body size.

“Carrying a heavy bag may not have any direct effects, unless there are other health factors like heart diseases or obesity; it may cause muscle strains,” explains Dr Carol Nabunya from Life Link Medical Centre.

So, take note, ladies; you don’t want to spot a stoop by the time you are 40, thanks to years of schlepping around a bag that looked like it had the kitchen sink too!

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