Media Women Association Screens Gender Issues in Constitutional Draft

TANZANIA Media Women Association (TAMWA) members from the Mainland and the Isles are assembling in Dar es Salaam city today to brainstorm on gender issues in the first draft of the Constitution.

TAMWA Executive Director, Ms Valeria Msoka said in a statement issued to the press that the members will discuss and outline key gender issues which need to be improved in the first draft issued by the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC).

The TAMWA chief hinted that among the issues to be deliberated on for two days by the members include women involvement in Constitution making which should address all gender concerns.

The members will also discuss the need to have women voices in the new constitution so as to have in place laws which cater for gender needs for the national development.

They will also put their input in the draft constitution especially on women and children issues which needs to be added in the document. TAMWA believes that a better constitution is the one that incorporates both men and women as they have consensus in matters of national interests.

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