Women Told to Change Way of Dressing

Angola’s Minister of Youth and Sports, Gonçalves Muandumba, Monday in Luanda urged all young women to be quite aware of their participation and attitude within a society, in order to avoid cases of domestic violence and sexual harassment.

The Cabinet minister was speaking to Angop on the consultation forum with the young woman, held on 16 August in Luanda.

He underlined that many teenagers are not collaborating so that the above cases are avoided.

The government official pointed out that the way many pubescent dress and do the things that hurt the Angolan culture.

He stressed that it is the young people themselves who imitate the fashions and things that hurt our culture and mind, an attitudes that shame us.

Therefore, he availed himself the occasion to urge the youth to change a bit the way of living and performing in the streets and workplaces.

According to the official, the meetings of the kind, held under the guidance of the President of Republic, facilitate the Government to tackle some problems that affect the populations, in particular the youth sector.

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