South Africa: Men Should Do More to Protect Women

As we launch Women’s Month for 2013 to mark 57th anniversary of the brave women of South Africa who fought for freedom, I wish to urge real men of South Africa to declare war on their counterparts who continue to physically, emotionally and sexually abuse women.

I am horrified by the limited voices and actions of South African men when acts of violence against women and the girl child occur in our communities. Almost every day we hear of horrendous killings and rape of old women and their granddaughters, and these crimes are not committed by women, they are committed by men. That’s why we call on the right thinking men of our country to take a stand and speak out against the deeds of the evil few men who still see women as objects that should be treated with disdain.

This month I expect men to be visible and vocal against the abuse of women and the girl child, and I urge law enforcement agents to be on high alert for incidence of crime against women and the girl child. I know there are those who target this month to inflict pain on women and the girl child, the police and justice system should deal harshly with them.

Issued by: Eastern Cape Office of the Premier

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