Say Goodbye to Annoying Hair & Hello to Smooth Skin! What you Need to Know about Hair Removal

It’s so sad that the issue of having facial hair and keeping it in check can happen to a woman too. Today, a lot of women are worried about their facial hair and will do anything to get rid of it.

Apart from the usual hair on our hands, under arms, legs and private regions, you can find women with hair on their chin, cheeks, upper lip and chest. Women spend a lot of money to get rid of this hair that grows in inappropriate places, but we really don’t mind. Or do we?

Facial hair is quite embarrassing and can reduce self esteem, especially when it grows out thick and cannot be hidden. To make things worse, we can’t even hide it with makeup; it ends up making it look rough and badly done. I don’t mean to sound vain, but it’s necessary to get rid of facial hair. This is because it lets us look and feel great and attractive. You just need to accept the fact that it’s there and choose one inexpensive way to get rid of them, for as long as you can!

There are different causes of facial hair in women It could range from genetics & testosterone to polycystic ovaries & hormonal imbalance. But do not be afraid, for with every beauty challenge there is always a solution. Thanks to science and the evolution of cosmetics, you can now temporarily and permanently get rid of facial hairs without breaking the bank.


People always make shaving facial hair seem like it is bad for women, but I read something contrary on the internet the other day.  Research has it that shaving your facial hair is good for women because it gets rid of dead skin cells and fights aging. The rumor that shaving makes the hair grow more and thicker is said to be the beauty industry’s way of compelling people to buy their hair removal products.

However, if you’re still not sure of shaving your face like I am, you can shave your legs and under arms. To do this is very simple. All you need is a shaving stick and some cream.

Before shaving any part of your body, be sure to verify of you are prone to bumps. If you are, it’s better for you to scrub the area before shaving.


This is a good and effective hair removal procedure you can definitely try and is one of the oldest methods of hair removal, originating in Turkey. It damages the hair follicles which in turn limits hair growth. The process of threading can get very technical so be sure to find an expert that knows what he/she is doing.

Threading is done by rolling twisted cotton threads over hairlines to remove unwanted hair. To do this, the practitioner (who needs months to perfect the skill), grabs one end of a cotton thread between his/her teeth and the other in her left hand. The middle part of the thread is then looped through the index and middle fingers of the right hand, to grip unwanted hair so it can be plucked easily. Whenever you use this method, always soothe your skin with aloe gel after threading, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal cream also known as depilatory creams is temporary, effective and painless. A bottle of one is easy to use, not too pricey and can be found in any beauty shop. You can choose any brand or type that works well with your skin but ensure you test the removal cream on the inside of your elbow for about an hour to see if there would be any form of reaction. If the cream doesn’t have any negative effects on your skin, then you can continue usage.

Apply the depilatory cream on the area where you have unwanted hair with the spatula regularly provided in the hair removal cream pack. In the case of no spatula, you can use your hands but be sure to wash them immediately after. Wait for the amount of minutes instructed on the pack and if the hair on your body is really thick, you can wait longer than the stipulated time. Wipe the cream off your body with an old towel or rinse off.

After that, be sure to shower to remove any residue cream.


This process is quite fast, clean and effective in removing facial hair. The waxing process includes a glue like substance, placed on the hairs and taken out with a paper like material placed in the pack. Before waxing be sure to wash and exfoliate the area with unwanted hair properly, then moisturize with a good moisturizer.

There are different types of wax; those that come in strips and those that come in a jar. The strips are easier to use. You only have to rub them together with your palms then place them on the hairy section then peel off.

For the wax in the jars, you need to warm up the jar in hot water then use the spatula provided to apply the wax on the hairy section. After that, place the provided paper like material on the wax you’ve applied firmly for a minute and peel off quickly. After waxing, always soothe your skin with aloe gel.


The tweezing process is also good, as it plucks the hair from the root and can be very precise. Sometimes it could cause bumps and ingrown hairs but it all depends on your skin type. Tweezers can be said to be the perfect tool for hair removal, as it’s so effective in removing unwanted hair. It also lasts longer than using a blade as this is the go-to method for most women.

For this hair removal method, you need tweezers (which comes in different designs). Wipe the area you want to tweeze and the tweezers with an anti-bacterial soothing lotion. Ensure both the area you want to tweeze and the tweezers are very clean and then pull the skin firmly; in order to raise the hair and make the tweezing easy.

Once you’re done pulling, take your time, relax (to avoid swelling, redness and irritations) and tweeze. Firmly grab the hair one after the other and pull quickly in the direction the hair grows. After tweezing, massage the area gently with a anti-bacteria lotion and always wipe your tweezers with a clean cloth to avoid bacteria build-up and rusting.


Electrolysis, which in my opinion is better off done abroad, is said to be the only permanent hair removal method approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration). It takes several sessions (owing to different stages of hair growth) and the result of the hair being removed permanently, is not guaranteed for all; as everyone has different hair types. I’ve not tried it before but from some of the reviews I’ve read, this hair removal method is permanent and leaves the skin clean.

Electrolysis is effective and focuses on the follicles rather than the hair color like the laser process. Those who can’t use laser hair removal method can use this method. It can be very expensive, a 30 minutes session costs $45 and you need about 15-30 sessions to get a good result (so you can do the math).

Also, if it’s not done properly, it can lead to skin discoloration and as for pain (be prepared) each follicle on your body has to go through the stinging feel of electrolysis. So good luck If you intend to use this method, after all no pain no gain.

There it is. The many procedures you have to make sure you don’t need to worry about facial hair again. Which one have you tried? And which would  you be willing to try? Don’t forget to share them with us.

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