Nigeria: Widowhood and Gender

As the world marked World Widow’s Day on June 23, specifically set aside by the United Nations to draw attention to issues concerning cultural and social biases as it relate to widows in particular among other gender related issues that pose challenges to womanhood in this modern time.

The UN Organisation as a world body is a symbol of man’s attempt to unify human’s affairs under a monolithic world government after plethora of international upheaval s that often threatened the existence of the human race on the face of mother earth. It therefore concerned its focus on issues that are of paramount challenges to social, political, cultural, economic and psychological development of the human race on earth. These complex challenges are tackled by high level research and deployment of resources into the means for solutions through its various specialized commissions.

Hence, days are set aside to mark the various issue area for awareness and stock taking. The issue of widow hood like any other that plague the human race continues to receive attention from this world body for the expected change. The issues of widowhood cannot be discussed in isolation of womanhood there exist a direct correlation between the two concept, it is of outmost importance to emphasise that gender road are neither natural of immutable they are constructed and invented by society, however it differ among societies and even within a society. Gender views differ over time, gender differences are created and sustain by a society through its traditions, customs, convention, mores and regulations.

Societal norms and stereo type also functions as a traditional ideology that relegates women to derogatory roles while promoting men as actors, provides and final authority. All these have overtime been proved wrong by the reality of modern day fact as oppose to the age long dogmatic stereo type that held women in these part of the world bondage to exploitation by patriarchal societies.

Oppression, marginalization, violence, poverty, genital mutilation, early girl child marriage, rape, deprivation, subjugation and others are hinged on this age long concept of woman and gender relation. As the UNO draws attention to all the atrocities perpetrated against widows in all societies of the world, I pitch my tent with these great world bodies and women in general to drum support for a reversal of roles as women take the mantel of national leadership for a paradigm shift and a new breath of life

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