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Wadup my peeps I’m back !

I know it’s kind of stereotyped but I like it, it’s more of a trademark stuff so when everyone hears “wadup ma peeps, I’m back” they know who it is. Right now  I have what is called a writer’s block but I’ve gotta write, so my topic for today is going to deal with something fresh, something sizzling, something eye-catching, and that has got to be the topic of teen relationships. I mean we got to say it,it is a very important topic to both teenagers and parents, parents do not want their teens jumping head first into sex, but they still find it so difficult to talk about it?

Why? Teenagers always want to try new things and if it has to do with relationships, they want to try it too, no matter how well mannered a teenager is, the teenager still is a teenager; curious and willing to try anything. So we need to talk about it. Parents don’t feel ashamed to talk to your teenager about sex and relationships,because he/she feels the same way. I mean it is not possible to leave high school without having like at least a little crush on this one girl, I mean it is not possible!  So one needs to teach oneself to be composed,be oneself and don’ t try to hard, girls are teens too, they know when you try to hard, so you got to be yourself, if she does not like you for who you are then she is not the one. This is a topic that still has to be addressed some more, I got to go now though. See you next time. Peace

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