Dating your best friend  


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24/02/2017 12:38 am  

Personally I just feel this doesn't work in this part of the world.
 Well from my observations I feel most. Of the time, when romantic feelings springs up in friendship, it's one sided, and whatever is not mutual especially when it comes to the four letter word "LOVE" is not factual.
Most times one party ends up toying with the feelings and emotions of the other, collapsing the bridge of friendship between them.
I'd love to talk more on this, but for now i'll let busy pen lie  

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01/03/2017 7:06 am  

Well,,,,the best thing is to date your best friend who knows your flaws and still in love with your personality. However it's kinda weird and sometimes what you would not count as a big deal when you were friends becomes a serious issue when you are eventually dating. It's all about maturity and trust!

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