Three Reasons Why You Should Never Compete With Your Husband

Three Reasons Why You Should Never Compete With Your HusbandThree Reasons Why You Should Never Compete With Your Husband

Three Reasons Why You Should Never Compete With Your Husband

For some, it is normal to compete with their husbands because of the economic dependency they are in. For others its the supremacy of dominance that makes them want to compete with their husbands.

Surely as a woman, you have a whole lot of supremacy over your husbands in some affairs like the kitchen and some household chore. As it were, you run the home. But, when arguments arise, here are why you should never compete with your husband.

1. Both You and your husband are one
Remember, you’ve both been joined as one and you both are supposed to protect each others interest, having in mind that you do all that you do for the interest of the family you’re building together.It doesn’t matter who is doing or carrying out the most responsibility, all that matters is that you’re fighting a battle you both should win together.

Remember,love conquers all and it always wins. Constantly remind yourself about how you fell in love with each other and how you want to share everything together.

3. Losers always compete
When you compete with your husband, then know that you are surely a loser. Instead of competing, try as much as possible to do what is called complement. This way, you get to be the best bet for your husband. Focus more on how to do what you have not done right rather than focus on measuring your success with that of your husband.

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