Moyinoluwa Adeyemi, A model of the ingenuity of the African woman.


The Android Watch face.

Moyinoluwa Adeyemi, a young developer and one of the facilitators of events for Google Developer Group in Lagos, Nigeria has proven that the potential of the African woman is limitless if given the equal opportunity to compete with her male counterpart. In the technology space of nearly one female in every 50 males, she navigated all odds to develop an Android watch face that practically tells time in yoruba language.
Moyinoluwa Adeyemi, a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo university and an active member of the Google developer team has once again proven the ingenuity of the African woman, laying a solid foundation for other aspiring women in technology.
The quest to find answer to the question of “How do I get my watch to tell me the time in my local dialect” formed the basis for Moyinoluwa’s rigorous research. The outcome of her extensive research combined with her vast knowledge in Android Application development, birthed a working prototype of the application. 
The likes of Moyinoluwa Adeyemi saturates the African continent waiting to pioneer the next big thing. The encouragement and enabling environment to develop these talents has always being the missing link.
The job of empowering the girl child in Africa is an enormous task that requires a collective effort from all institutions and gorvernment in Africa.
This is a call to join hands to repeat this historic feat by empowering the girl child.

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