A Natural recipe to detoxify the body


A Natural recipe to detoxify the body
A great natural recipe to detoxify the body is to take this lemon juice with fresh vegetables because it helps in eliminating toxins accumulated in the liver and throughout the body due to consumption of industrialized foods.

The detoxification of the organism consists of the process of elimination of accumulated waste and toxins. These toxins are harmful substances originating as a consequence of the ingestion of chemical components used by the food industry, such as additives, preservatives, colorings, sweeteners or even pollution.

In addition to promoting the detoxification of the body, this juice also possesses fortifying properties, enhancing the immune system.

3 astes of celery
5 leaves of spinach
1 lemon
1 apple

Beat everything in the blender and strain, if you prefer. Using the centrifuge makes the preparation more practical.Take this detoxifying juice, daily, for 7 days, to be able to detoxify the liver, blood, intestine and also to achieve weight loss more easily.

To potentiate the detoxification of the organism it is still necessary to avoid the ingestion of:
Sugar and
Alcoholic beverages.

These are toxic elements to the body, and their restriction or elimination of diet is an intelligent way to preserve their mental and physical health, as well as vitality, immunity, fertility, concentration and even quality of sleep.

In addition to juice with celery and spinach, soups can also be used to detoxify the body and help in weight loss.

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