‘Open your legs!’ ordered Alhaji Waju.
12years old Aisha murmured a plea admist sobs.
‘Shut up! I didn’t buy you from your parents for nothing’ Alhaji spat back whilst savaging her black triangle.

“‘I’m sorry Alhaji. Your wife had Amniotic fluid embolism. Usually occurs in first pregnancy of young girls, 80% mortality rate and 5th cause of maternal mortality” said the doctor.

Culture, being a way of life can also be defined as the; beliefs, intellectual direction, customs, habits and generally knowledge shared within a particular society.
Why do we need culture if it inhibits and strategically tramples on the rights of its people?
“Our African culture has to be preserved but cannot be left unquestioned especially in areas where it threatens life ….” Graca Machel.

For the African woman to be empowered in this digitalized world through a mechanism (culture) that hitherto impeded her development.
Aspects of African culture that inhibits women rights should be abolished and changed. Examples;

•Early/ forced marriage (as earlier portrayed in this article).

•Disproportionate school enrollment ratio for the girl-boy child.

•Glass-ceiling in employment opportunities/leadership positions.

•Degradation/discrimination of the girl child.

Curtain rises.
An elegant looking woman paces the room. Her hands akimbo. She is deep in thoughts and unaware of the knock on the door.
Door opens, a firm looking woman walks in briskly and taps the first woman’s shoulder.

Empowerment: (tapping her) what is wrong with you? You look withdrawn.

Digital world: Another pregnant young girl who was forcefully married died at the hospital yesterday.

Empowerment: (shocked) what!

Digital world: You see? We’re fighting a lost cause.

Empowerment: No. We can bask on our strengths and improve on our weaknesses.

Digital world: What are our strengths?

Empowerment: African women are increasingly involved in leadership. Rwanda (63.8 percent) ranks number one in the world, with Seychelles, Senegal and South Africa similarly being in the top ten countries.

Empowerment: Also the increase in Girl child education believed to be the gate way into the female emancipation. At the same time, we have not attained the heights and we need to work harder.

Digital world: Hmm. Through what mediums?

Empowerment: Campaign against Female gender molestation.

Digital world: (laughs) we’ve done that and still there’s no change.

Empowerment: We push harder. Every woman should protest against early marriage, advocate for female literacy.

Empowerment: Through consistent use of these mediums, empowerment of African women through a culture in a digitalized global system will be assured.


From my breasts you suckle
Still caus’me pain and struggle
Your tongue so repellent
Cold and rough on my nipples

My black triangle
Make or mar the world
Ask Sani Abacha, O ask him
Who sent him underworld

I call on every black punaani
I say, hold pens that release bullets
Mouths that fire tranquillizing darts
Stand your rights, like erected penises

We are lovers and warriors
Let not the African woman relent
From being her own stronghold
An embodiment of EMPOWERMENT.


Wingonia Ikpi
Wingonia Ikpi

A writer of Faction(mix of fiction and non-fiction).

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